Brand New Food Delivery Robot

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Brand New Food Delivery Robot

The new-generation Robuust Chassis adopts a multi-link damping shock-absorbing system.

The robot is equipped with 3 tray sensor radars, which can detect the picking and placing status and remind you to take meals with lighting, voice, and text.

Three Stereo Vision Sensors can identify steps and actively avoid people’s feet to prevent the machine from falling and hurting feet.

Product specifications

Product Size(W x D x H) 506 x 502 x 1205 mm Product Weight 61 kg
Maximum Angle ≤ 5° Maximum Speed 0.8 m/s
Minimum Passage Width 75 cm Charging Time 5h
Battery Life 10-15 hours Battery Capacity DC 48V 12Ah
Number of Layers 3 Load Capacity 10 kg per layer
Layer Size 486 x 406 mm Operating System Android