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SLAM Positioning and Navigation Technology

High positioning accuracy and robustnessEquipped with self-developed synchronous localization and map construction system and multi-sensor fusion algorithms,
including the encoder, gyroscope (IMU), lidarodom, LIDAR, image module, UWB and WIFI, the serving robot can run stably and efficiently in various application scenarios.

LIDAR, depth vision, stereo vision (RGBD), collision sensor, and infrared ranging depth vision
endow the robot with a more flexible and effective movement obstacle avoidance capability;
Besides, the Android control system increases the interaction diversity and scene adaptability of robots through touch sensors.

Through intelligent coordination of the self-developed communication system, AI distribution scheduling can be realized,
which ensures multi-robot cooperation and continuous optimization of the loading capacity, and thus improves the delivery efficiency of robot groups.

Product specifications

Product Size(W x D x H) 506 x 502 x 1205 mm Product Weight 50 kg
Maximum Angle ≤ 5° Maximum Speed 1.2 m/s
Minimum Passage Width 70 cm (Label Version)
80 cm (Laser Version)
Charging Time 5h
Battery Life 12-15 hours Battery Capacity DC 48V 12Ah
Number of Layers 12-15 hours Load Capacity 40 kg (10 kg per layer)
Layer Size Top Layer: 490 x 404 x 188 mm
Other Layer: 490 x 404 x 176 mm
Operating System Android