Safe and sound across any distance.

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A robot for secure long-distance delivery.

Shock-absorbing chassis 4.0 with an increased smoothness and ability to adapt to even more complex environments.

180-liter Capacity, designed for high-end restaurants and bars. The robot can deliver large dishes, and each shelf can hold three standard trays of food/

One-step Operation: automatic doors. Doors automatically open at the origin point and can be controlled by stepping on the projection at the destination point, enabling convenient delivery and prompt dish return.

Automatic Elevator Operation. Being able to call, enter independently, and exit elevators makes deliveries across different levels faster, smoother, and more efficient.

Product specifications

Product Size(W x D x H) 623 x 496 x 1351 mm Product Weight 71 kg
Maximum Angle ≤ 5° Maximum Speed 1 m/s
Minimum Passage Width Charging Time
Battery Life Battery Capacity DC 24V 20Ah
Number of Layers 12-15 hours Load Capacity 40 kg
Cabin dimensions 575 x 422 x 230mm Operating System Android